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  • LED ProSpot 500 - a more professional fixture

    LED PROSPOT 500, a SPOT/BEAM/WASH 3-in-1 fixture, is a new generation professional and intelligent LED moving head. Designed with a full CMY color mixing system plus CTO color correction, smooth and linear zoom from 3°-50°, fast and smooth linear IRIS system. It features a new 420W high intensity and efficiency cool white LED engine (7500K), delivering a total of 14000 lumens for ultra high light output through a set of high resolution and precise optics that helps to provide extremely clear and even spot coverage.                   LED PROSPOT 500 offers a full complement of other professional characteristics, a rotating gobo wheel with 7 rotating and interchangeable glass gobos, a static gobo wheel with 6 gobos (including a gobo reducer and an animation effect gobo), a color wheel with 7 dichroic colors, 3-facet rotating prism, frost filter, linear electronic focus, linear dimmer, variable speed shutter/strobe, full color 180° reversible TFT display with 4 control buttons and battery backup for display power, etc. The fixture’s exterior housing is beautifully balanced basing on a jewel-like design philosophy with supremely harmonious interior structure for remarkable control. The sculpted body of the PROSPOT 500C achieves more than just a striking look. Also it provides friendly PAN/TILT locks for safety during transportation. It’s fast and quiet operation LED moving head spot. The fixture is tuned with proper LED refresh rate and gamma brightness for flicker free operation for TV and FILM. It’s a perfect option for large-scale live concerts, TV productions, road shows, theatre, etc. [View Details]
  • Lighting, more than a show

    Sirius Beam 280 Pro, lite up the romantic wedding ceremony! [View Details]


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